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Tim & Shelly King have always been foodies. in one way or another food is a big part of their lives.

For Shelly, its been a career that has spanned greater than 25yrs of her life in the food industry.

For Tim it's been the pleasure of cooking, grilling, smoking, and the hunt of finding a new restaurant to conduct one of many taste test at.

But this was different for Shelly. She had always wanted to  open a food venue.    She thought  a food truck would be  something different for the area, a way to put a spin on some classic foods delivered in  a fun   way.


Everyone loves a bite sized slider. It gives the customer the opportunity to try a variety of different taste.

Shelly set out  to bring this concept to the Lake via

Kimberling City. There's nothing like it in the area.

Along with the help of her husband, she's gonna make it happen.

About Us


Lovers of good  food just making the classics to fill your lunchbox

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